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Student in New York City Raises Money for Cancer Research

April 6, 2013, 11:46 am
A New York City teenager who once donated bone marrow for her cancer-stricken sister has started an ambitious campaign to raise funds for cancer research.

Pork Chops: New Names Include ‘Porterhouse Chop’

April 5, 2013, 6:56 pm
Pork chops new names: The pork and beef industry have teamed up to create new names for pork chops, including the "pork porterhouse chop," the "pork ribeye chop," and the [...]

Bay 101: High Stakes Tables and Food That Feels Like Home

April 5, 2013, 5:18 pm
The casino houses Shuffles Delicatessen for all your New York deli-style needs, international cuisine at Sutter’s Broiler, and—no need to step away from your cards—24/7 [...]

Obama Sorry for ‘Best-Looking Attorney General’ Comment

April 5, 2013, 5:17 pm
Obama sorry for comment: On Friday, the White House issued an apology saying President Obama was sorry for remarks he made about California Attorney General Hamala Harris.

National News

Obama Rallies Support For Gun Control

President Barack Obama called on Congress to take action on gun control laws Wednesday, acknowledging that it will be tough and highlighting Colorado’s new gun laws as a step [...]

E. Coli Outbreak Sickens 2, Prompts Pizza Recall

E. Coli outbreak: An outbreak of E. coli infections has left two people in Michigan sick and prompted a New York company to issue a recall.

New York City

Notorious B.I.G. Apartment on the Market

Notorious B.I.G. apartment: The former apartment of rapper The Notorious B.I.G. is being sold off.

Some NYC Schools Successfully Recycling

Some schools are making recycling fun and interesting, a nonprofit has discovered.


Georgia HS Prom: Students Planing Their Own Integrated Dance

Georgia HS Prom: A high school in Georgia still has a segregated prom. But a group of HS teens want to change that.

Missing Family Found After Night in Fla. Everglades

Missing family found: A family of five from Medina, Ohio, that went missing in the Florida Everglades was found on Friday, according to authorities.


Second Hiker Rescued from Calif. Forest

Hikers found: A young woman was rescued Thursday from a canyon in Southern California after she got lost on a day hike.

James Holmes: Threats Were Made Just Before Shooting, Psychiatrist Says

James Holmes threats: A month before he shot and killed 12 people in a Colorado theater, James Holmes made threats to her and had homicidal thoughts before she told campus police.


Debtors’ Prisons Thrive in Ohio, Report Says

Debtors prisons thrive: A few Ohio courts have been illegally jailing people in so-called “debtors’ prisons” because they cannot pay their debts.

‘Craigslist Killer’ Gets Death Sentence for Triple Murder

“Craigslist Killer” Richard Beasley was sentenced to death on Thursday for his role in a triple homicide. Beasley got the moniker for luring the three victims to a farm in [...]


Newtown: Gun Store that Sold Gun to Shooter Loses License

Newtown gun store: The store that sold a gun to the mother of the man who shot up a school in Newtown, Conn., lost its firearms license.

Students Denied Lunch for a Week at Mass. School

Students denied lunch: At a Massachusetts school, around two dozen students were denied lunch for the week, prompting outrage from parents.


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