Privacy Policy


The Epoch Times does not collect any information on your computer or your browser without your consent.

The following are the only instances in which information is collected from you, with your prior approval.

Setting National Editions

The Epoch Times is now found in several countries around the world, and our website was redesigned in August 2005 to accomodate the ever-growing readers who were visiting our website from countries around the world.

In order to accomodate this, The Epoch Times website allows the user to choose which edition of the front page he or she would like to view. This allows the reader to view The Epoch Times website with local news that would be of interest to the reader.

In order to do this, a cookie with value “countrycode” is used to store the internal number of the region that has been chosen. This is done to remember the user’s preference and not bother him or her with a question on every visit to the site.


We ask for your e-mail address for e-newsletter subscriptions. However, we do not give this information out. Further, your e-mail address is not stored on this webserver; instead, they are stored in a secure server.

Traffic Statistics

Our website uses the Metatraffic software to analyze traffic to our website. This software collects information such as IP address, the website that referred us, your screen resolution and whether you have Javascript turned on.

Please note that this information is provided by your browser automatically, and is available to any website that you visit.

We use this information simply for analyzing the traffic to the website and improving our users’ experience.



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