Canada Must Consider Long-Term Impact of FIPA

By Beryl Pearson Created: November 8, 2012 Last Updated: November 8, 2012
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I lived for several years in Asia, which has given me firsthand knowledge. The values of a ruling government such as China, with its history and track record just in this generation, should make us very cautious.

The values and goals of those in power today and those during the Tiananmen Square protests have not changed a great deal. They are still a very strong communist country. They have made some positive looking changes but … are we ready to risk them gaining control of Canada’s vast natural resources?

Right now, daily, China exports incomprehensible quantities of “stuff” made from our precious natural resources, yet they import next to nothing. I do not need an MBA to figure out what could happen if Canadian companies lost ownership or control over our natural resources.

Every Canadian needs to understand that this threatens our security, our sovereignty, and our democracy, let alone our way of life.

Let’s ask ourselves a few questions. Why are so many people from China willing to leave their family, friends, jobs, homes, and country to come to our “home and native land” of Canada?

Why would the communist Chinese government want their businesses to gain ownership over Canadian resources?

We have all learned that laws do not offer bullet-proof protection. Why would we open the door for foreign interests to be allowed to sue us based on their interests first and foremost?

Why does the import/export equation between us and China appear lopsided in their favour?

Why are we importing “stuff” from a country that has environmental and humanitarian standards unacceptable within Canada? How can Canadian businesses compete in a global market when the rules aren’t the same?

Whose responsibility is it to pass on a better world to our offspring?

It is incumbent on us to know the answers to these questions before our duly elected government wrongfully represents us.

As a mother and grandmother, I have lived long enough and seen more than enough to beg caution on behalf of my grandchildren … adults of tomorrow who will have to live with the decisions this government is making much too quickly and quietly in a few days.

Beryl Pearson
Enderby, B.C.

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