The Consummate Traveler–Balancing Beauty En Route

By Michele Goncalves
Epoch Times Staff
Created: February 19, 2013 Last Updated: February 20, 2013
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A commuters applies her make-up at Stratford Underground station on March 5, 2012 in London, England. (Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

A commuters applies her make-up at Stratford Underground station on March 5, 2012 in London, England. (Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

As any woman can attest to, maintaining a beauty regimen day to day is hard work. Never mind keeping it together while being put through the grinder during a long journey. I have coined a new phrase which I like to call “voyage beauty.” This represents the optimal level of effort in a beauty routine to keep a polished look, without going too far. Let’s explore some examples of what constitutes “voyage beauty” so we all can feel and look our best en route.

First, I’d like to share a quick story of beauty gone too far. A friend of mine who recently purchased hair extensions (clip in hair) to give herself a boost in volume, told me the other day that she decided to keep them in during a 14 hour flight. Well, needless to say, they turned into tangled up balls…and had to be thrown out. While I fully understand that coiffure accessories are a girl’s best friend, I hope our society is advanced enough to understand that looking beauty pageant ready while in flight shouldn’t be on our list of goals.

With that said, I think it is fitting that the first rule of thumb to achieve “voyage beauty” is to keep all faux accessories in your luggage and off of you. You should strive to go au natural with your hair, eyelashes, nails, etc. These beauty enhancers are fine once you reach your destination. However, while on the road, they are not practical and can fall off or get damaged. All of your money and hard work will be for naught!

Another key is to keep your make-up simple. Limiting yourself to three basic products is a good idea. A tinted moisturizer is easy to take in your carry-on luggage and helps keep your skin hydrated. A moisturizing lip balm/gloss and blush are the other accompaniments I suggest to round out your make-up arsenal. A little color on your cheeks and lips just before landing can help you look and feel refreshed (even if you really aren’t).

My final piece of advice is to clip fingernails on the short side for your journey and paint them clear or a very sheer color. I can’t tell you how many times I have ruined my own expensive manicure while dragging heavy suitcases and bags from here to there. Despite all the money you may have spent prior to your trip, nothing looks worse than ragged nails and a blotchy paint job. 

As always, I wish you all happy travels.

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