Patio Colors: 3 Perfect Pairs

By Alyssa Davis Created: July 25, 2011 Last Updated: January 31, 2012
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Choosing a basic color theme makes it easy to pick elements and accents that enhance your outdoor living space. (Shutterstock images)

Choosing a basic color theme makes it easy to pick elements and accents that enhance your outdoor living space. (Shutterstock images)

Decorating your patio can be an arduous task. There are so many different styles of furniture and accessories to choose from that oftentimes it’s harder to pick a look for your patio than it is for your home’s interior.

One of the easiest ways to decorate your patio effectively is to use a pair of colors as the basis for the rest of the patio’s decor. The color pairs below offer a wide range of looks and can be used in a variety of different styles. Pick the pair that matches both your home’s exterior and your family’s personality.

Navy Blue and Tan

It may be tempting to pick white instead of tan in this color combination, but for outdoor use, you want to stay away from white. Tan offers the perfect complimentary color to a deep navy blue and brightens the space without looking dingy. The navy blue is appropriate for everything from a nautical theme to a sophisticated French look.

One technique you may want to employ is to use solid-colored cushions and area rugs with patterned accent pillows that use the main color and the accent color in combination. For instance, you could have navy blue cushions on your patio chairs and add a tan pillow with navy flowers or anchors as an accent piece. No matter what design you select, a navy blue and tan color combination is a timeless classic.

Orange and Yellow

This bright and cheerful color combination is not for the faint of heart. If you want to add some wild color and pizzazz to your patio this season, select a color combination like this one to help you do it.

With its emphasis on all things citrus, yellow and orange together make for an ideal, summery look. Add a metal pail of bright oranges and lemons to a coffee table to carry the colors through.

Cushions in yellow will instantly make the patio come alive and add a happy feeling to the space. If you are more conservative, but still like the bold look of yellow and orange, pair it with a sky blue to tone the brightness down just a tad.

Pink and Peach

For the ultimate in feminine patio charm, a pink and peach color combination is ideal. Think of using bold, cabbage rose style fabrics to incorporate both colors in a constructive way. Accent pieces can be found in both shades and should be used equally to balance them out.

For a softer look, select pastel shades of these colors. If you want a bold, funky look, bright pink and a strong peach will be the colors that will work best. No matter which shades you use, there will definitely be a feminine feel to a patio decorated this way.

By narrowing down your decorating options by color pairs, you give yourself the ability to make a quick decision about cushions and accessories for your patio. If they are not in the color scheme you have selected, they can easily be eliminated from the choices.

Take the time to plan ahead and make a firm decision about the colors needed before proceeding with your patio’s design.

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