New 2013 Acura RDX is Elegant, Upscale, and Fun to Drive

The styling is very appealing on the new RDX and exudes an aura of class and substance

By Kelly Foss
Created: December 10, 2012 Last Updated: December 10, 2012
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2013 Acura RDX. (Courtesy of

2013 Acura RDX. (Courtesy of

Acura is the premium brand of Honda just as Lexus is for Toyota. Acura vehicles benefit from the same engineering-centric view of the automotive world the Honda brand is known for. They build very reliable vehicles that have a rock-solid reputation for customer satisfaction.

Acura has just introduced a totally new and improved RDX SUV.

The previous RDX was positioned as a sporty compact SUV with a turbocharged four cylinder engine. Though that was a noble attempt, the current model is an upscale, solid, comfortable and elegant V-6 powered machine that is much more in keeping with current market preferences.

The styling is very appealing on the new RDX and exudes an aura of class and substance. The vehicle now has presence both in the way that it looks and also in the way that it feels.

The RDX is smaller than the MDX, Acura’s larger SUV, yet still has ample space for passengers and cargo. Technically the RDX would be classed as a compact, yet it’s not a small vehicle. It is substantial in size yet is very easy to control and seems to be a willing servant.

Entering and exiting this SUV is easy. The view of the road is commanding, while the vehicle handles well and feels very composed.

The steering is precise and is very light at low speeds. That means that the car requires minimal effort in braking, accelerating, and steering which helps remove some of the tension of city driving today. Even waiting at a red light is a pleasurable experience in an RDX.

Comfortable and Roomy

In addition to being comfortable and roomy, the interior space is also attractive. Features like perforated leather seating, rear view camera, and push-to-start ignition are standard equipment in the RDX.

The rear seating space is very generous. The second row of seats folds flat with the pull of a lever by the rear-powered lift gate. The cargo area will accommodate some very large things and, with seats folded flat, some very long things too.

Acura, the originator of navigation systems in automobiles, provides a bevy of technology in the new RDX. As part of the nav system, the RDX displays great maps on its 8-inch screen plus Real-time traffic and weather.

The voice command system lets you speak commands for navigation and even the music you want to hear. The optional ELS surround sound 410 watt audio system is very fine! Even the climate control is GPS-linked and has solar-sensing so that it automatically will add cooling to the side of the car with more sunlight.

A new 6-speed transmission deserves much of the credit for drivetrain improvements. The only engine offered is the 3.5-L V6 which delivers 273 horsepower and has the goods to whisk the vehicle and all its passengers down the road at a rapid rate.

The new RDX is a very nice all-around vehicle and has great appeal compared with other vehicles in its class.

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