Fall: A Canvas of Colors

By Lisa Sim
Epoch Times Staff
Created: October 8, 2012 Last Updated: October 11, 2012
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All the colors are ablaze on Chute Pond in the Nicolet National Forest, Mountain, Wis. (Lisa Sim/The Epoch Times)

All the colors are ablaze on Chute Pond in the Nicolet National Forest, Mountain, Wis. (Lisa Sim/The Epoch Times)

Mother Nature is at her studio once again, painting a season not to be missed. If you are fortunate enough to be in the northern part of the United States or Canada, you know that fall is a coveted time, like a fine piece of art, for all the locals to show off.

Fall does not last long, and nature’s best portraits of color are on display for only a few weeks. If you are in northern Wisconsin like I am, the first couple of weeks in October is prime viewing time. 

Nature’s studio is open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., with private screenings along lonely pathways on deeply wooded trails. It is here in the forests that everything comes ablaze.

Road trips are a must during fall and a great way to see a lot of the country’s beauty. Most states have websites with recommended routes. For example, Highway 32 and Route 55 in northeast Wisconsin will loop you through the best scenery in the Nicolet Forest, with historical sites, hiking trails, and museums along the way. 

As our car kicks up leaves along curvy narrow roads, we see the fall canvas come alive! Nature’s paintbrush is in motion, layering hues of crimson sumac hugging the lower hills, while yellowing birch leaves glisten to brighten up the middle backdrops. 

Maples add splashes of fiery reds and bursting oranges along the top, near a bright blue sky. A touch of evergreen pine and cedar add contrast. Leaves shimmer like fine gold and brass as the sun plays with a slight breeze.

It is here that you have the freedom of stopping at a local roadside stand or by a family farm to enjoy pumpkin picking, squash hunting, or apple cider and other tasty local snacks. Nothing beats a juicy, crunchy apple on a crisp fall day. 

Then, pull over to get out into the fresh air and hike down a path by a rushing river. Smell all those earthy leaves and green mossy scents that make autumn one of the best aroma therapy seasons in my book. 

While hiking, be sure to notice all the varieties of mushrooms, pine cones, and nuts. Watch as the squirrels and chipmunks fight and play as they gather up their stashes for the bitter months ahead.

Please do not miss the fall, that canvas of color that nature shows off just once a year. Get outside and check it out—it happens so fast and then simply disappears. 

Mother Nature is fast and wipes the palette so clean that it is white just in time for the next painting of winter and the new year.

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