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Martin Murphy
Epoch Times Staff
Created: November 15, 2012 Last Updated: November 19, 2012
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MakeShop Lincoln Place , Dublin (Martin Murphy/The Epoch Times)

MakeShop Lincoln Place , Dublin (Martin Murphy/The Epoch Times)

The creators of Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin, have innovated again this time with a pop-up experiment called MakeShop. It’s a collaborative workshop space where you can learn everything from DIY robotics to 3D printing. 

Ivan Twohig workshop manager at MakeShop spoke with The Epoch Times, and explained what they were trying to achieve. Ivan said the initiative is a pop-up experiment by the Science Gallery shop and education programme in Trinity. The idea is to have a space where people can come into a shop environment where they can “make stuff”.

“It’s really about teaching people how to get back to a sense of making,” explained Ivan. The shop is treated like a cafe explained Ivan, where one can order different workshops off a menu, from arts and crafts, electronics to science experiments. There’s a fixed menu of items to make or activities to try ranging from 5 euro up to 40 euro, the activities are for all the family ageing from 4 years upwards.

The emphasis is on getting people to use their hands and tools to make things. You can learn how to use a soldering iron and how to wire a circuit board from pre defined kits. You can also group book any activity. Ivan says this is quite popular with the youth or even senior groups. 

The MakeShop was launched in August this year and will run in Lincoln place until Christmas. Currently it is in an experimental phase, the pop-up experiment will then be reviewed to see if it’s self sustainable as an initiative and a model. Ivan says “judging from the reception we are getting so far, it should continue in some other guise.”

There are discussions on how to roll out the project to other locations in Ireland, if it proves to be a self-sustainable model. “It would be great if it could travel to other parts of Ireland,” said Ivan.

Science Gallery

Next year the Science Gallery Dublin is opening its first international venue in London (Science Gallery London.) Science Gallery also have an entire touring exhibition of the Gallery. Exhibitions are developed in Dublin and then tour different venues across the globe. Their current exhibition just finished in New York.

MakeShop is located at Lincoln Place, Dublin 2.

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