Elderly Woman is Run Over Repeatedly in China, Driver Fleeing

Epoch Times Staff Created: November 14, 2012 Last Updated: November 14, 2012
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Screen shot of the security camera crime scene. (

Screen shot of the security camera crime scene. (

Another hit-and-run was reported recently in China, in which the victim, an elderly woman, was repeatedly run over by a truck. On Nov 3, in Nanyang City, Henan Province, a pick-up truck hit an elderly woman when backing up. Instead of getting out of the truck and assisting the victim, the driver backed up a few more times to run over the woman before he fled. The footage of the incident online incited public anger. 

In the 15th second of the video, the elderly woman was hit and pushed to the ground by the pick-up truck, which was backing up rapidly. The pick-up didn’t slow down or stop. Instead, it ran over the woman on her legs and arms again. Instead of stopping, it moved forward, hitting the person once again. She laid on the ground motionless. The driver then sped away.

Shortly after, two men appeared in the footage, running towards the direction of the pick-up truck. However, it was too late for them to catch the truck. One of them returned to the elderly woman, and another man also came to check her condition. The elderly woman was turned around so that she faced up. From the footage, she appeared to be still alive.

The footage became widespread online in China and triggered a public outrage.

Incidents of this kind have been reported previously. On Oct 9, policeman Li Xiaofeng of Hunan Province was on duty when he caught an overloaded semi-trailer transporting goods. He signaled the semi to stop for inspection; instead, the truck driver ran over Li, killing him on the spot.

On Oct.13 last year, a two-year-old Chinese girl named Yueyue was ignored by 18 passersby after she was crushed under the wheels of a car. The incident became a international news and triggered soul-searching in China about why so many had not offered any help.

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