Toronto’s New ‘Interburbs’

Centennial Gardens building a suburb in the city

By Zoe Ackah
Special Features Editor
Created: November 15, 2012 Last Updated: November 15, 2012
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(Courtesy of Regal Crest Homes)

(Courtesy of Regal Crest Homes)

In Latin, “sub” means “under” and “burb” means “city.” Considering how suburbs surround cities, maybe they should have been named “circumburbs.” 

But what do you call a community of detached, semi-detached, and stacked townhomes that is laid out just like a modern suburb, but is located at St. Clair and Warden? An “interburb”?

St. Clair and Warden specifically is undergoing rapid transformation as unused factories—and in the case of Regal Crest Homes’ Centennial Gardens a college campus—are levelled to make way for brand new family homes.

The neat and uniform rows tidily sprinkled with differing varieties of home models and brick colours make Centennial Gardens reminiscent of similar projects selling in Ajax and Brampton, but if you don’t work in the suburbs, gas prices and traffic make living in them impractical.

“People are turning away from downtown because of the square-footage,” explains Tony Demichele, a realtor with Regal Crest Homes.

Add $600-$700 per square foot to the dearth of anything over two bedrooms, and you have a perfect climate for some moderate middle ground. 

Centennial Gardens is that new and affordable middle ground. 

“You’ve got three bedrooms so a family can live there, you’ve got three parking spots, and you’ve got TTC at the door,” says Demichelle.

Centennial Gardens is decidedly suburban, but you are not moving into a no-man’s-land. Toronto’s established infrastructure is in place. 

The Warden subway station is a couple of blocks away. But just like in the suburbs, if you have three cars [one for each parking spot], feel free to drive them in three different directions: 9 minutes to the Don Valley Parkway, 14 minutes to Lakeshore Boulevard, 10 minutes to Hwy 401. 

There is a K-8 school across the street. The brand new Warden Hilltop Community Centre and beautiful paved nature trails in Warden Woods Park surrounding Massey Creek are three blocks away.

Modern kitchens in Centennial Gardens. (Courtesy of Regal Crest Homes)

Modern kitchens in Centennial Gardens. (Courtesy of Regal Crest Homes)

All the detached and semi-detached houses are sold. Only stacked townhome condos are left, and they are already built. The remaining eight units, including a number of top-floor units that feature a 16-foot vaulted ceiling in the living/dining room, kitchen, loft, and patio, are ready for immediate occupancy.

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