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By Adele Lassere Created: January 5, 2013 Last Updated: January 7, 2013
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Happy New Year! Now is the time as a small-business owner to start anew and consider the possibilities of what 2013 can offer.

As the U.S. economy and budget talks continue to have an impact on Wall Street and consumers’ spending behavior, small business owners still need to plan ahead and consider how current trends can help garner your fair share of the marketplace.

During 2013, expect to see activity within the following:


It will continue to grow and see increase usage with social (Facebook, Instagram,, etc.), mobile, video, gamification, etc. Consider surrounding your marketing messages around content that you own vs. renting the media. Seek high engagement opportunities that are curated with your desired audience in mind.

Story-telling across multiple media platforms which is creating a more robust experience for audience. Seek ways to leverage your existing television buys by incorporating online to prolong consumer interaction with your company or product. A good example is with Bravo’s “Last Chance Kitchen” web series that engages fans from their “Top Chef” cable show.

Continue to evaluate your product offerings with the idea to make things that people want vs. making people want things. Create or advise what value your product has over another in solving a need.

Solution Marketing
The best solution may not be an ad. It could be a new product/service, content or in-store experience. Look at your entire operation and see what improvements can be made to enhance the shopper’s experience. Remember, online experience is just as important as the brick and mortar experience. Not to mention, ensuring that your sales representatives know what they are selling!

Corporate Citizenship
Continue to seek methods to improve or become involved in programs that demonstrate your commitment to the community you operate your business within. As many major marketers continue to strengthen their efforts towards millennials, this is a generation that expects businesses to be active in their community. If you are targeting this group, keep this fact in mind!

All of the above are thought starters to develop your 2013 marketing plans.

As we saw from the Holiday shopping period, consumers were buying when deals and/or value was present.

Remember that value is not just something inexpensive. Value can be solving a problem or need for the consumer. It will be key in this New Year to continue to monitor the marketplace on a regular basis. Once thing is for sure, your competitors will be!

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