The Marketing Corner: Keeping It Fresh

By Adele Lassere On December 7, 2012 @ 2:07 am In Companies | No Comments

Look around and ideas can seem to come from anywhere when marketing communication messages to consumers. Some of these ideas have been born from pop culture. If successful, these ideas can take on a life of their own and generate revenue. The moral of the story is not so much creating pop culture ideas but just being able to keep fresh ideas brewing at all times. Plus, realize that a good idea can come from anywhere!

Small business owners, in particular, have the advantage of being agile enough to make changes on the fly. Additionally, many small business owners have experienced moments of failure. While failures are tough to swallow, they do create a thick skin and foster determination. In contrast, larger company cultures sometimes hamper idea generation and have an adverse reaction to failure. By putting processes in place to nurture idea generation, many small businesses can see themselves creating a trend and/or being in an advantageous position at the start of a trend. Other techniques to consider are as follows.


Use it wherever possible to improve processes. If you don’t have technical expertise, seek out those who do. This can be done by attending seminars or tech tradeshows, and so on.


Get their input about what you are looking to create. After all, they are the folks expected to buy it. Some product ideas may only apply to a specific region. Beer manufacturers frequently sell certain beers in limited areas. There is nothing wrong with this. Remember: Fish where the fish are biting!


Minimize your risk by testing an idea on a smaller scale. If it fails, guess what? You can evaluate what went wrong! Then, you can manipulate the results to improve upon the next time.


Your staff can either be your best friend or worst enemy! Make sure they are properly trained and know the products you are selling. Nothing can turn off a consumer more than a representative that the consumer presumes is disinterested in its company’s products because they haven’t bothered to learn the offerings. Staff like this on your team is nothing but dead weight!

As always, remember that leadership starts from the top. Hence, your staff is taking their cues from you!

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