The Marketing Corner: Hyper-Local Marketing Benefits

By Adele Lassere Created: December 13, 2012 Last Updated: December 13, 2012
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“Hyper-local marketing” has become a dynamic method to hone coveted budgets into specific geographic areas or audiences. Its importance continues to grow as marketers make tough decisions about where and how to deploy their marketing messages.

So, just who should consider hyper-local marketing? Simply put: Anyone who is very niche in audience and/or has a narrow geographic focus!

Using a hyper-local strategy, you are concentrating your advertising spending within your core trading area. This social media tactic is especially good with the 18–34 age group.

Not long ago, consumers were trained to consume one media at a time. If they wanted to gain product information, watching television was the norm, and they were often just watching television alone and not with any other media consumption.

Today, consumers are busily using their mobile devices to search for local businesses and/or product offerings while in the midst of other tasks, such as watching television. Moral of the story: It is paramount to have your communication messages active within multimedia platforms and within spaces frequented by the audience you desire.

Many small business owners have discovered that deploying local search campaigns is vital to their businesses. Basic information is being sought by consumers, such as business hours, location, coupons (or QR codes), discount offers, new products, and so on.

Plus, using a hyper-local strategy, you are concentrating your advertising spending within your core trading area. This minimizes waste and allows small business owners to realize savings that can be reinvested for future campaigns.

There are several advertising vehicles that are effective when using a hyper-local strategy. These vehicles include but are not limited to out-of-home, direct or shared mail programs, nonsubscriber newspaper programs, cable, and online/mobile.

Several categories have a predisposition to considering a hyper-local strategy: entertainment, grocery stores, restaurants, retailers, and salons, to name a few. Consumers shop closer to home for these types of businesses and with greater frequency.

With any marketing program, consider all your options and the behavior of the audience sought. Also, explore the benefits of adding social media elements into your campaign mix. For instance, Foursquare may make sense if you have several locations or even a high-traffic single location to offer points or product for checking in each time.

Establish a rewards program to ensure that the consumer receives some token for the desired behavior of spending money with you! This social media tactic is especially good with the 18–34 age group or those consumers, if older, who embody the same psychographics as the 18–34 crowd. Remember, younger boomers still believe they’re “cool!” So, some social media tactics can capture older, tech-savvy, and affluent audiences too!

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