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By Adele Lassere Created: November 30, 2012 Last Updated: December 3, 2012
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People always speak of “unplugging” themselves and just vegetating on nothingness! Today, that nothingness has taken on a whole new meaning. It really doesn’t mean literally nothing anymore. Consumers are constantly “plugged in.”

As small business marketers, one must keep in step with the many platforms that are absorbing the attention of consumers.

As small-business marketers, one must keep in step with the many platforms that are absorbing the attention of consumers. Gaining traction with audiences can be as simple as deploying communication goals on mobile, social, online, TV, and/or gaming consoles.

Depending on whom you are trying to reach, there are a myriad of ways in which to reach your desired audience. In the world of marketing, we call this “cross-channel or platform.”

The first step is to focus on the big idea, key audience insight, and what is best for your brand. When trying new communications methods, it’s ok to start out small to test the proposition. There is nothing wrong with gaining insights and discovering the user’s experience.

In this manner, you can either optimize while your schedule is still in progress or pause the schedule while you redefine the specifications of the schedule.

Below are descriptions of a few high-impact types of ads that are proving to be successful for cross-channel marketing:

• Storytelling—This type of ad is based on using core insights from your desired audience. Think of it as an expanded version of a print ad. However, this ad is really honing in on a given audience behavior that hopefully encourages them to buy your product. Examples of this can be seen on social media. Marketers are using user-generated content to talk about their brands and how the brand specifically helped solved a particular user’s problem. Pick a cosmetic company and you can see this in play via social media and online experiences.

• Augment Reality—This is really cool! It is truly brings sci-fi into reality. This is a live view of physical, real-world environment where the elements are augmented by computer-generated sound, video, graphics, and so on. A good example is an augmented reality map on a smartphone (such as: Droid or iPhone). The mobile aspect of this allows users to engage on the go!

• Ad Innovation—Think of mobile-, online-, social-, or gaming-deployed ads in a more responsive design. Instead of trying to smash a 30-second television ad onto mobile or social environment, consider developing a seven-second ad that is specifically engineered to highlight key passion points and lends it to have the user go to your website for more information.

Cross-platform marketing can take on many forms. Look at why consumers use a given media and how this translates into creating a robust user experience. Think of the consumer first, and if you master this expertise, you can gain a following for your cross-channel marketing efforts that drive home your return on investment!

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