Social Media Marketing With Facebook and Twitter

By Adele Lassere Created: August 22, 2010 Last Updated: August 22, 2010
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A screen shot of Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr's homepage social media sites.  (Screenshot  )

A screen shot of Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr's homepage social media sites. (Screenshot )

Technology is truly revolutionizing our everyday habits. Not long ago, we would have laughed at the notion of communicating to friends, family, or even businesses via computers or portable devices. Today, it is as ubiquitous as bread in your pantry.

With Twitter, Facebook, and other social media, we are seeing an explosion of online usage not just from individuals—but businesses have stepped into the action as well. For those businesses that have a Facebook page or Twitter account, they are the early adopters because they realized the importance of the demographics that they are now interacting with. Just who makes up these active users of social media?

• While younger people, age 18-34, tend to be the most active, all age groups are participating—including the over-44 crowd.
• Users will publish their own webpage, blog, and update their status, at a minimum on a weekly basis.
• There is a high concentration of females who are college-educated with above average incomes.

Based on the above, one can see how these users become a very attractive group to target your advertisements. Since this group is actively participating in social media, it is clear, as a small business, one should consider this to become a part of upcoming marketing plans.

These users are consumers, and social media is just another means to reach a given target. The only difference is that your message should not be a hard sell, but provide a valuable experience for the users to want to connect with your business. This is one area where you’ve got to get it right because this medium is so powerful that results are almost instantaneous. The goal is to have your brand or company be specified, or even have the user become a “fan,” and ask their friends or family to also become a “fan.” This becomes the results that you track as generating awareness or “word-of-mouth” advertising via social media.

As you start preparing for 2011, be sure to consider the benefits of using social media to build awareness for your brand or business. The best thing about social media is that it can be done in an inexpensive manner compared to other advertising vehicles.

Adele Lassere is a marketing/advertising consultant with 20+ years experience, freelance writer and soon to be published author of “Elements of Buying: An Advertising Reference Guide for Business Owners.” Contact:


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