Great Leadership Can Create Great Company Culture

By Anthony Bucci Created: December 21, 2012 Last Updated: December 27, 2012
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Organizational culture not only defines how your company is perceived by employees, it is how your business is perceived by the outside world. 

If you are going to succeed in the ever changing world of eCommerce, it is key to offer quality products, top of the line service, and have a culture that sets you apart from your competitors. You need to actively manage the perception of your company and its employees that is going out into the world.

Having a strong business plan is important; there’s no doubting that fact, but you also need a leadership plan. Your business plan might not include how to develop culture and relationships among staff, but it has to be addressed if you want to attain greatness. Employees look to their Managers, CEOs and Human Resource materials for guidance. Setting expectations and leading by example early on will rock your corporate culture.

In fact, many job seekers aren’t just out there looking for a paycheck and health benefits. A growing number of young corporate Americans want to be part of a company whose vision is clear and exciting. They want to be part of a “mission driven” organization that is about more than just making a profit. At, of course we love selling motorcycle helmets and motorcycle jackets, but we also take pains to announce what our company stands for, to talk about company culture and share the direction we are headed and how our goal is to influence an industry. All of these are presented as early in the job interview process as possible. A good culture fit is very important to building our brand.

Three Types of Corporate Culture
Conventional wisdom tells us there are three types of corporate culture:
• One is the growing “modern” culture, where companies like and Southwest Airlines and, dare I say, excel. We promote fun and “learning-oriented” workplaces.
• Other large corporations and global giants are very complex, and their cultures are more “traditional.“
• Finally, some organizations focus on “collaboration for innovation.” They accomplish their goals through self-organizing project teams, which encourage employees to develop new approaches to solving problems.

Strong Leadership
Strong leadership is something you need to possess no matter what type of corporate culture you are aligned with. Here are some thoughts on what makes a strong leader.

A cool head and strategic thinking are equally necessary when you are soaring or when things are going off the rails. The ability to give motivational speeches, connect via emails, and project a general air of comfort will help raise feelings of job security among employees. With all the social media apps used daily, not to mention good old fashioned water cooler meetings, any bit of company news is bound to leak out. Keeping things on a positive note will help the entire organization roll with the punches, even when stress levels are off the charts.

A strong leader needs to make hard decisions, but they also have to know when to sit back and listen to what their employees have to say. Pay attention, you may learn how others feel and have the ability to adjust company practices before something goes awry! It is also an opportunity to share your thinking with that employee so that they can learn about the thought processes of their company leadership.

Ambition for the company is something you and your co-workers must share. A passion for company success is something you want to grow and nurture at all levels of your company. Growth for the company leads to growth for employees and will launch you into the coming financial quarters with confidence. Share your dreams! At we all are trying to ride the magic unicorn Seth told us about. It is a goal we share personally and as a company.

Lastly, eagerness to learn is something you must have throughout your career in order to be successful. I challenge you to find the person you cannot learn from. Every touchpoint is a learning opportunity. If those working alongside you see that the boss is willing to learn, so will they. Consider a company library where you share the books you are learning from with your staff.

What Does It All Mean?
So, what does all this have to do with corporate culture? The result of outstanding leadership is that it inspires those around you to work hard and love what they do. Everyone wants to feel like they are part of a winning organization. A positive outlook and positive actions will influence your entire organization—whether it be local or worldwide. Remember that others are watching you. Lead by example and they will follow.

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