Former Russian Gymnast: ‘I love it’

By Leigh Smith
Epoch Times Staff
Created: April 15, 2010 Last Updated: April 17, 2010
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MINNEAPOLIS— The Northrop Memorial Auditorium experienced the splendor of the Shen Yun Performing Arts' portrayal of ancient Chinese culture, on Wednesday, April 14.

Dr. Elena Polukhin, a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation management, grew up in Russia and was a former gymnast. She thought the New York based Shen Yun was “Excellent, absolutely amazing … it's beyond my expectations. I am very impressed.

“I heard a lot about the different colors, but it's much more colorful, much more brighter than traditional American shows.

"I love it, I love it."

Dr. Polukhin explained that she had traveled the world and seen shows in many countries but had never seen anything like Shen Yun.

“I heard about very good organization, good pace, excellent organization … I am very much impressed.”

Dr. Polukin has spent the last 25 years in the United States and has patients from many parts of the world. As she has Mongolian patients she was very pleased to see the dance, Mongolian Hospitality, with the renowned shoulder-shake.

Shen Yun dancers added another specialty, bowls spinning continuosly as the dip up and down gliding across the stage withh practiced ease.

The Miao dance, she felt was “very feminine,” and she liked “the jewelry with the silver jewelry dance.”

The male dances she felt had “a lot of masculinity. It's masculinity presented in a nice way. It's not too aggressive, but at the same time is shows the strength of Chinese people.”

Dr. Polukhin felt there was a spiritual aspect to Shen Yun. She explained, “usually you don't see so much spirituality and I like it—it's very attractive. And the way it's presented is not aggressive—it's very good.”

Two performances depict the present day persecution of Falun Dafa, a peaceful self improvement practice, in China today. Dr. Polukhin said, “it was also very nicely presented … human beings and how they attacked innocent people. I think it was important to include in the show because it's part of Chinese culture, this is history, this is an important part of Chinese history, but you cannot erase the history and the way it's presented is very nicely—very attractive.”

Dr. Polukhin felt “the message of Chinese culture is very attractive, very rich, it has lots of traditions, it emphasizes people's spirituality. It presents in a very nice manor femininity and masculinity, and I think it sends a very strong message to the whole mankind.”

Dr. Polukhin couldn’t say enough praise for Shen Yun, she continued, “this is very professional. I applaud in my head … I didn't expect this—beyond my expectations.

“Everything is done so artistic and it's very kind, very spiritual. In my opinion the people are very well trained—it's excellent organization—so I'm really impressed. I recommend everybody to see this show.

“So in a summary it's a great show all around. I really appreciate the people's dedication, and patriotism if you want, and pride of the culture—it's great. I will tell everybody about this.

She is one of the busiest physicians in Minneapolis and Wednesday was one of the busiest, so she was skeptical as to whether she could make the performance. However, because she had heard such good reports about Shen Yun from friends in New York and Europe she decided she could not miss it. She had been very keen to see Shen Yun so when she saw it advertised in Minneapolis she eagerly bought tickets.

With reporting by Sophie Long and Valerie Avore.

This is the only performance in Minneapolis before going to Denver on April 17-18.

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