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A fascinating and important chapter in Chinese cultural history is unfolding as the Divine Performing Arts seeks to revive arts inspired by traditional Chinese beliefs in a series of shows performed worldwide. The Epoch Times is proud to be a media sponsor for these events and is covering this story closely, paying particular attention to the audience's reception of these ground-breaking shows. We are delighted to witness the West's discovery of the beauty and meaning of traditional Chinese culture and the Chinese people's rediscovery of their own heritage.

Falun Gong and Mythology of the Dances 'Quite inspiring' Says Software President

Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, London, Vienna and finally Edmonton are a few of the cities the Divine Performing Arts visited during their 2008 trip around the world. In Edmonton, theatre-goers from all levels of society left Jubilee Hall with wide smiles, gratitude and excitement after seeing the authenticity of the Chinese Spectacular.

Magician Fond of 'Spectacular'

Magician Rod Balleau missed out on seeing the Chinese Spectacular last year, but he did not make the same mistake this year.

Former CCP Branch Secretary Supports the 'Spectacular'

After watching the May 2 Chinese Spectacular performance in Calgary, Mr. Liu, a former Party branch secretary of a university in Beijing, poured out his heartfelt acclaims about the Divine Performing Arts (DPA) to his friends.

I Feel Really Involved Watching This High Standard Traditional Culture Performance

The 2008 final show of Divine Performing Arts on tour at the Von Braun Center Concert Hall in Huntsville, Alabama dropped the curtain on May 6.

Immigrant from China: High Class Professional Performance

on May 7, 2008, the Divine Performing Arts (DPA) had its last show at the Jubilee Theater in Edmonton, Canada. The show attracted a large Chinese audience.